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    Harmony Home Organizing is a West Vancouver-based Professional Organizer providing hands-on residential Home Organizing, Decluttering, Downsizing, Packing/Unpacking, and Personal Assistant services to the Metro Vancouver area.

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What can a professional organizer do for me?

Harmony Home Organizing will organize your space such that the items used most frequently are easily accessible. You will save time by always knowing where to find things. The process involves me working one on one with you, at your own pace, in order to create a unique system that suits your needs. Together we will make your home more open, peaceful, restoring and relaxing. It’s a great feeling knowing that your living space is in order and stress is under control.

My goal is to work with you to create and implement a customized and structured system that helps locate your items easily and enhances quality of life by decluttering your space.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Organizer:

Save time – You will avoid wasting time looking for things.

Save money – You will avoid re-purchasing items that you have somewhere but can’t find.

Less stress – You will be more relaxed and will enjoy your home more.

Clarity of mind – you will know exactly where your things are.

Hosting visits – you will feel proud of your place.

Opportunity to celebrate past memories while creating the new ones.

  • review rating 5  Olena is considerate, fast, and ruthless. She helps you get rid of the clutter while recognizing that certain objects bring an inordinate amount of joy. Did I mention that she is fast, and also tireless. I enjoyed working with her to streamline my life and possessions! Olena helped my to pack, get rid of the detritus, decide what was worth storing and streamline for my new home, all in three half days!!! 💜

    thumb Rena Del Pieve Gobbi

    review rating 5  Being a busy working new mom, I never had the chance to finish "moving in" and finding a place for all my family's things before I went back to work. I had been back to work for two years and still haven't gotten to "it". I was desperate and found Olena. She was quick and responsive. She came over the same day to assess even though it was her day off. She could probably hear my desperation over the phone.Olena has helped us get in the right mind set and give great tips and tricks to keep your life organized perpetually. She has improved our lives whereas there is less upkeep required using her process and systems, thus we have magically gained time for important family and career time.Could not be happier with the entire process. And for other busy moms, she is super kid friendly.

    thumb Van Le Do

    review rating 5  Wow! Olena was SUPER helpful and "on it". She rescheduled a personal appointment JUST to help me last minute. Everything went smoothly with her around - you can tell that she really pays attention to detail. The best part - she is SUCH a sweetheart and I really enjoyed her company. Packing and moving sucks but it hardly felt like work with Olena. I HIGHLY recommend her. I find myself wondering how I can best use her skills again! Thanks Olena!!! 🙂

    thumb Sydney Mansaray
  • review rating 5  Thanks to Olena, my project to sort and handle storage is moving along very well. A very creative, accommodating, hard worker. I strongly recommend the service.

    thumb Lorne S

    review rating 5  I just recently moved into a smaller place and was having difficulty being overwhelmed by the amount of items I had to process. Olena of Harmony Home Organizing was honestly the best decision I could have made, not only was it stress free, it was fun and she helped me create a new relaxing environment that I can call home. Thank you so much!!

    thumb nico nico

    review rating 5  Olena is such a great hire. We moved into a new home and she organized all the closets and clothes for the family. She created a orgainzational system that is easy to maintain and a system to ensure you only keep what you use. Would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with organization in their home. She is a pleasure to work with.

    thumb James Achilles
  • review rating 5  Olena from Harmony Home Organizing has been doing an amazing job helping me organize several very messy closets and rooms. She is very professional, fast, and efficient, and has managed to transform very cluttered spaces I had been struggling with for a long time into neatly organized environments in only a few hours. She helped me sort through my things and decide what to keep, and showed me how to organize everything in a logical and efficient way so I always know where to find what I am looking for. She is very friendly and a pleasure to work with, and makes the whole process painless and enjoyable. I highly recommend Olena for any home organizing needs!

    thumb Alexandra Lefort

    review rating 5  Olena is a joy to work with! She is very friendly and easygoing. She works so efficiently and effectively! She helped me pack up my whole apartment in 6 hours. Then she helped me unpack and organize my new place. It was so much fun doing it together and she has such great organizational skills. Everything has a place and is easy to find. Not only that it looks fantastic! I highly recommend her for big jobs, small jobs and anything in between. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. From here on out, I will only hire Olena to get me organized!!

    thumb Christine Faber

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